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What motivates criminals like the one attacking women with knife in Karachi?

KARACHI: The incidents of attacking women with knife in one part of Karachi have raised the eyebrows as people are unable to understand that what motivates him for such attacks.

Eight women have been attacked in just five days in Gulistan-e-Johar and its surrounding areas. The criminal attacked four women on left hand and one on right, while he also targeted lower back of some women.

Cases in this regard have been registered in Gulistan-e-Johar and Shah Faisal Colony police stations, while police have failed to nab him as yet.

This has triggered panic among the working girls and those studying in different institutions.

Talking during program Sawal Ye Hai?, Dr Wajahat, a psychologist, tried to connect the dots to figure out what could lead a culprit to commit such crimes.

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“All the symptoms indicate that the attacker is a heartbroken person. He must have been ditched by his lover, which brews revenge in oneself,” he said.

He said after initial two or three attacks, he might have resorted to more in a bid to seek attention, and there was also a possibility of more people joining him in attacks.

The doctor also said: “Don’t mix psychological disorder with behavior issue. He must be kind of psychologically disturbed but we cannot say anything for sure now, until it is finally diagnosed.”

To a query, he said such people isolate themselves from their families. Families should make sure he did not posses any sharp tool, a knife or a cutter, he added.





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