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MQM terms Rao Anwar’s claims as ‘blatant lie’

It’s regrettable that the history of 1992 is being repeated and now allegations are being fired through an SP-level officer, said MQM’s Haider Abbas Rizvi while addressing a press conference here.

He said the traitor charges against MQM is highly disappointing. “I reject this allegation on 1,94,272th time.

Rizvi said MQM will begin legal battle to challenge all such baseless claims.

He said the entire political scenario changed after MQM announced to nominate its Opposition Leader in the Sindh Assembly.

Let’s dig into who is the ultimate beneficiary of the press conference held by SSP Rao Anwar, he questioned.

The MQM leader termed the entire episode as ‘political drama’. Such allegations were also leveled against MQM in the past and later apologies were issued, he maintained.

Rizvi said several MQM workers still had memories of the massacre of 1992 operation against MQM, in which thousands of activists were extra judicially killed.

SSP Rao Anwar is one of those officers who killed scores of innocent MQM workers during 1992 operation, he said.

He rued that NA-246 by-election on April 23 was projected as the biggest elections in country’s history.

He rejected claims of Rao Anwar that party activist Junaid was arrested on Wednesday. According to our record, he said, Junaid was apprehended in last week of February this year.

He said an important meeting was held at CM House yesterday, with Asif Ali Zardari and Qaim Ali Shah in presence, while another third figure was present at the meeting. The MQM leader asked mediamen to inquire about the third person, saying that could lead to some new disclosures.



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