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MQM’s Salman Mujahid Baloch threatens to silence PTI’s leader

During an ARY News program Sawal Yeh Hai hosted by Maria Memon, Salman Mujahid accused that police officer who fined Murad Saeed’s father was suspended, which was denied by Murad.

The PTI leader said some MQM leaders were still defending founder of MQM Altaf Hussain, who was involved in treason.

Murad Saeed asked Salman Mujahid to raise slogan “whomsoever was friend with Altaf Hussain, he was a traitor”.

“Don’t get scared Mr Salman. Take courage. Buck up. Speak up,” he said.

To his repeated demands, Salman Mujahid said make him silence or we know how to silence him.

Murad said he was aware of the record how many people MQM had  silenced.



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