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Mr. Pakistan Banaras Khan is seen making rotis at a tandoor to make ends meet

Lahore: Mr. Pakistan Banaras Khan despite winning National and International titles like
Mr. Universal USA, Wapda Pakistan and Mr. Pakistan is seen making rotis at a tandoor to make ends meet. 

Banaras Khan says they put their own sweat, blood and money into their career. There is no government recognition of any kind, “We put our own money in the preparations so thank God I work hard and coach in the gym and earn money from there. We fight competitions abroad and make our country proud. Recently, I won the title of Mr. Pakistan before that I won Wapda Pakistan and in 2014 I won Mr. Universal USA. We manage our own expenses; don’t ask anyone, we work hard on our own. They have never even spoken to me but thanks to Allah we are earning our own respect from His treasure.”

But there is nothing that can take Pakistan out of Banaras Khan’s heart. He proudly raises Pakistan’s flag all over the world, “I won the competition in America; there was a lot of media there, even then I got no encouragement or support from our government. I went to America in 2014 and raised our country’s flag there. If given an opportunity would go again and do the same.”

Going to the gym since he was 15 years old, Banaras Khan has seven children. He can be seen training at the gym after running his tandoor shop from 5am-4pm everyday.



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