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Multan minor rape: Man cajoles 4-year-old girl into house

MULTAN: Police have said on Saturday they arrested the prime suspect who allegedly raped one four-year-old girl after he persuaded her with a pack of chips, ARY News reported.

The four-year-old girl was taken to a house where she endured sexual assault allegedly by the arrested suspect Waseem, according to the case report.

The Gulgasht Station personnel said they materialized the arrest of the prime suspect within two hours of the incident as it began the investigation after booking him in a first information report.

Separately earlier today, Muzaffargarh police claimed to have resolved the mystery surrounding the death of two minor girls as their own father turned out to be their alleged killer.

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According to the details, Aswa,3 and Urwa, one-and-half year old, had died after being set ablaze by unidentified men in Muzaffargarh on 7th of January. Their father had lodged a murder case against his in-laws.

The police launched investigations into the dual murder case. Later, the police took their father into custody on suspicion, who, during the initial interrogation unveiled that he himself had burnt his minor daughters alive to frame the relatives of his third wife in the case.



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