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Multan rickshaw driver aims to beat political bigwigs in Elections 2018.

Multan: Tired of empty promises, a rickshaw driver decides to compete the biggest name in Pakistan’s political scenario as an independent candidate on the insistence of the people of his locality.

Muhammad Siddiq, will be contesting the General elections 2018 from PP 215 Multan against 12 other candidates from prominent parties.

While speaking to ARY News, Muhammad said, “My people forced me to contest the elections. I said to them I a poor man I don’t have such resources. They said don’t worry, we are with you, you just promise us that you will solve our problems.”

Looking at the piles of garbage, residents of the area said, “We are not going to vote for old faces because there are piles of garbage here. We are going to vote for Mian Siddiq, a rickshaw driver so that he gets work done here.”

Emphasizing that their children’s health is deteriorating owing to the garbage condition here, “Our children get very sick because of all the garbage here.”

Elections 2018 are seeing many new faces taking on the challenge of serving the people of Pakistan. Mian Siddiq’s election symbol is the sunflower



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