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Mysterious UFO spotted over US city, video goes viral

A TikTok video which documented strange lights flashing beyond the clouds garnered thousands of views as some people have claimed it’s an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).

The theories of UFO were ripe on Reddit sphere and people came up with a number of ‘logics’ to support their theories. However, some people balanced it out by suggesting it may just be some weather phenomenon or a science experiment.

As seen in the video, a family in the US City of South Carolina captured footage of clouded sky through which strange lights keep on blinking. People cannot help but suggest it’s some ET phenomenon or a UFO.

Haley Cummins was hosting some friends at her home in Spartanburg, South Carolina when she managed to capture the phenomenon on camera and shared it with an online community of UFO watchers.

Nowadays it seems as if some things are just unavoidable for the netizens. Viral videos of cats every day, new challenges to engage every week, and a new ‘UFO’ theory every month are routine now.

Strange videos and mysterious pictures that set the course for UFO conversations that even debate the possibility of aliens has become a regular affair in the past few years.

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Some of these viral videos may actually be worth researching, however, most of them simply turn out to be hoaxes to get likes and shares across social media.

This year has been particularly exciting for UFO theorists and enthusiasts as the Pentagon declassified at least three leaked videos in April that show US Navy pilots encountering UFOs. It said the grainy videos were released to ‘clear up any misconceptions’ for the public to understand whether they are real or not, read a statement by the US Department of Defence.



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