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Mysterious video shows parked motorcycle moving by itself

A CCTV video has gone viral on social media which showed a parked motorcycle suddenly started moving by itself on a silent street at night.

The mysterious video was posted on Twitter by a user Amber Zaidi which left the netizens baffled. According to local media, the moving motorcycle was spotted in India’s Gujarat in the 30-second clip captured by a CCTV camera.

It showed two motorcycles parked on an empty street in front of a house and then a motorcycle started moving by itself. The motorcycle turns and falls to the ground after reaching a particular point.

mysterious video cctv parked motorcycle moving by itself

The user captioned that the moment was captured on camera, otherwise, nobody would have believed it.

The video made Twitteratis flummoxed as some thought it was an edited video and others termed it paranormal activity. A user wrote, ” Edited video, it’s not possible. Ghost is not available on earth, if so then it would be not easy to survive on earth. Sorry but its fake.”

Another user gave a clue, saying, “Accidently bike started due to faulty electrical wiring and start moving because bike was in gear. People now telling that this is miracle or ghost case. All bakwaas.” But, the next comment from a user said, “Ghost exist i also believe.”



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