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NAB declares Sharmila Farooqui ‘ineligible’ for any govt post

This indication by NAB has raised a question mark on Farooqui’s political career. The anti-graft body said that CM Sindh’s special aide is ineligible for any government post till 2021 under a plea bargain case.

In 2001, Sharmila Farooqui was declared ineligible for any government post for 21 years after she entered into plea bargain with NAB in Steel Mill reference No3 against her and her family.

It has been years since NAB did not take action in this regard, however, it has sprung into action all at once for now.

The letter to the NAB chairman said Sharmila Farooqi has been illegally enjoying the perks of governmental post for six years, despite being ineligible until 2021 according to NAB’s verdict.


NAB further said that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the Sindh government had violated NAB court orders by instating her as special aide to CM.



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