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NAB opposes removal of Dr. Asim’s name from ECL in court hearing

KARACHI: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in its reply submitted to Sindh High Court (SHC) on Monday in Dr. Asim’s corruption reference pleaded to keep his name in Exit Control List (ECL), ARY News reported.

Anti-corruption watchdog NAB’s prosecutor in a hearing at the SHC, apprehended that if Dr. Asim Hussain granted permission to travel abroad on medical grounds, he would never return back to the country to face corruption references against him.

NAB prosecutor – Altaf Khan – said that the accused had already been granted bail on a medical report compiled by a board of doctors comprising nine members which did not refer Dr. Asim for any kind of medical treatment abroad.

He alleged that after removal of his name from the ECL, Asim Hussain a former petroleum minister, would flee from the country to avoid accountability and never return.

The NAB lawyer claimed that the accused making excuses of back ailment in a bid to flee. He said previously General Pervez Musharaf was granted to travel abroad but he did not return.

During the court proceeding, lawyer to Sindh government Qazi Bashir apprised the bench that the provincial government has no objection over Dr. Asim’s trip to any foreign country for medical treatment.

The bench directed Dr. Asim’s lawyer to submit a reply by May 26 and adjourned the hearing.



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