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WATCH: Naughty pet dog gets its head firmly trapped in a hole

A pet dog was rescued in China after accidentally trapping its head in a hole while chasing a Playmate.

The owner said the pet was too excited to see the other dog and ran “too fast” towards the latter without noticing the obstacle. Footage shows the canine’s head tightly stuck in the opening on a big metal gate at the entrance of a residential compound.

The accident recently took place in the district of Yangpu in Shanghai, according to Shanghai Fire Brigade.

The dog’s owner, known by her surname Zhou, called firefighters in desperation after she and other bystanders failed to free her pet.

A video released by Shanghai Fire Brigade on social media shows the dog lying on the ground with its head jammed in the gap looking helpless.

One of the firefighters told Chinese news outlet Kan Kan News: ‘The dog owner said when she was walking the dog in the morning, her dog saw another dog passing at the other side of the gate.

‘It dashed to chase the other dog immediately, resulting in the fact that its head entered the hole and could not be pulled out.’

The firefighters said the dog appeared distressed and ready to bite people when they arrived. They petted it patiently and were able to calm it down.

Using a metal cutter, the rescuers managed to separate the hole from the metal gate, enabling the dog to walk around freely despite still having the loop around its neck.

But when the firefighters tried to break the small circle, the dog appeared terrified of the big metal cutter and kept running away.

Ms Zhou reportedly took her pet home as it was. She said she would buy a smaller cutter to break off the circle slowly at home.



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