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Nawaz asks NAB chief to resign over ‘shameless’ allegations

My disqualification was pre-decided hence Iqama was held basis to force me out of office, said the former PM

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has sought resignation of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chief for initiating ‘shameless and politically-backed’ probe into alleged money laundering linked to India.

Addressing a press conference this noon, the ex-PM lamented that the inquiry initiated against him was just on the basis of a ‘mysterious’ column published in a local Urdu daily.

Reading out a scripted content of his presser, Sharif referred to the press release issued by NAB in money laundering case and said “it proved how the NAB chief conducted character assassination and made it a mission to malign me.”

He recalled that his name wasn’t even included in the Panama Papers, “but what happened next from the JIT formation to everything that ensued will be remembered as black chapter in the history.

My disqualification was pre-decided hence Iqama was held basis to force me out of office.

Mr. Sharif said moves were underway to initiate a new case against me.

“NAB probe against me is the second episode of the ongoing drama.”

He said who was asking PML-N leaders to run as independent or join PTI. “Who is doing all this before the elections.”

“Will the NAB chairman summon the columnist who wrote baseless allegations against me,” asked Sharif. He also asked how did the NAB chief find a column that was published four months ago.

If he can’t answer all these points, I would ask the NAB chairman to apologise and quit.

Whatever is going on is the vendetta against PML-N on the pretext of accountability. The only purpose of this conspiracy is to demean political forces. He termed all these actions as a part of pre-poll rigging.

He thanked the PM for raising this issue in the Parliament.

Khalai Makhlooq will be defeated this time

To a question about Khalai Makhloq (aliens), he said the aliens exist in the country for 70 years. He said soon the aliens will have a showdown with the ‘beings on earth’ and the latter will defeat the former this time.



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