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Naz Baloch reacts to Imran Khan’s invitation to rejoin PTI

KARACHI: Reacting to Imran Khan’s invitation to join her party back, former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Naz Baloch on Thursday thanked the PTI chief for his words, ARY News reported.

In an exclusive interview with ARY News, PTI chief invited Naz Baloch to rejoin his party as “she did not lie after leaving PTI”.

“I liked the way she behaved after leaving PTI as she did not level false allegations. A person’s character is revealed when he or she faces a test. I will invite her to rejoin PTI ” said Imran Khan.


‘I invite Naz Baloch to rejoin PTI’

Reacting to PTI chief’s statement, Naz Baloch thanked Imran Khan and said that she still respects the PTI chief but did not gave any hint about rejoining the Imran Khan-led party.


Naz Baloch left PTI last month and joined Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) by saying that the Imran Khan-led party does not provide women with due representation.

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Later in an interview with ARY News, she claimed that she had nothing against Imran Khan but the PTI she joined was the PTI of Imran Khan, where he used to take all decisions and his ideology wasn’t compromised.

“Now there are ideological changes, people who are turncoats, who enjoyed ministries in other parties are joining PTI,” Naz Baloch had said.



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