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India will eventually lose Kashmir, says Neelam Muneer

Expressing her views on the current Pakistan-India tensions, popular television actress Neelam Muneer on Tuesday said that she feels India will eventually lose Kashmir.

Answering questions during an episode of ARY News show ‘Har Lamha Purjosh’, the ‘Dil Mom Ka Diya’ actress said that she feels that the freedom movement of Kashmir will succeed and Indian government will also face difficulties while dealing with other separatist movements in their country.

“They (India) will lose Kashmir and other separatist movements (in India) will also see a boost, at least this is what I feel,” said the actress.

When asked if she will like to work in India if she gets an offer, Neelam said that she will never do that for there is no use working in a country “from where we (Pakistanis) get so much hate.

The ‘Arranged Marriage’ actress, however, didn’t comment about what she feels about her fellow actors and actresses who have worked in films and plays in the neighbouring country.

When asked if Pakistani actors and actresses have to compromise on the quality of the work when they go to India, the actress said that she doesn’t think they have compromised on their dignity or the quality of the work.

“The artists who have gone there and worked were big names of our industry and I don’t think they have or they need to compromise,” said Neelam Muneer.

‘Too many proposals’

Sharing a fun fact with HLPJ audience, the actress also said that she keeps her phone on silent mode for “rishtay buhat atay hein”.

As Comedian Shafaat Ali started predicting the kind of person she wants as her life partner, the actress revealed that she keeps getting marriage proposals all the time so she keeps her phone on silent mode most of the time.

Here is what transpired in the fun session.

The actress, who started her career as a model, had a great 2018 as her performance in ARY Digital’s ‘Dil Mom Ka Diya’ made her a household name.

Fans were moved by her performance in the play that some of them took to social media and confessed that they cried upon her character’s trials and tribulations.



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