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Neighbour writes strange 15-metre long note over toy dispute

A parent got a strange 15-metre long note from a neighbour following a toy dispute.

Footage shared by the parent on a social media app shows the long note that has apparently been written on an entire roll of art paper spanning the length of hallway and dining area. It had hundreds of lines written in different coloured pens, demanding the return of a variety of toys.

The parent said the woman claimed to have written the strange note at the direction of her young daughter.

“Neighbour says her seven-year-old daughter told her to write a mean ‘note’ telling us to give her toys back that the girl had left in our yard,” the parent wrote on Reddit.

“The note basically rambles on about wanting back toys that her kids have left in the yard and in the house.”  “We’ve told her she’s more than welcome to come over and look around for any more that may be theirs,” the parent said.

“[But] she continues doing this batty stuff.”

The parent said they even had security footage of the neighbour “forcing” their young daughter to deliver the huge note to their front porch.



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