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Postal Services Ministry launches two revolutionary facilities

ISLAMABAD: Yet another revolutionary move by the federal government, as the Ministry of Postal Services on Tuesday launched “One Day Courier Delivery System ” and “Electronic Money Order ” facility for the users of Pakistan postal services.

The projects were launched by the State Minister for Postal Services, Murad Saeed in a ceremony held in Islamabad here on today.

Addressing on the occasion, Murad Saeed said services launched by his ministry are aimed to transform the postal services to the next level, adding that the projects to help reducing the loss of the postal services by Rs12 billion, continued the state minister.

Mr. Saeed vowed to improve quality standards of the post offices across the country in order to attract the masses to use Pakistan Postal services for its revival.

As per “One Day Courier Delivery System” , the parcels dispatched before 1:00 pm at the postal office, will to be delivered to its recipient on the same very day before 12:00 midnight.

However, aiming at quick transfer of money orders, the ministry has introduced “Electronic money order” service.

Through electronic money order service, funds up to Rs 50,000 can be delivered at the doorstep of the receiver. The purpose behind the service is to provide quick delivery and relief to the people and make them free from standing  and waiting long in the queues for their money.

“One day delivery system” to be launched in 25 cities of the country, while “electronic money order” facility will be available in 80 cities initially.

It is pertinent to mention here that postal ministry has taken the steps on the directions of the prime minister, who is on the mission for revival of the country’s institutions.



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