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New York Times opposes Indian move of scraping occupied Kashmir’s special status

WASHINGTON: The New York Times, a leading American newspaper has opposed the Indian government’s move to scrap occupied Kashmir of its special status guaranteed in its constitution.

In an editorial, The New York Times called New Delhi’s move as dangerous and wrong.

By revoking the special status of the mountainous territory, India is courting conflict with Pakistan, the editorial read.

The Indian government knows how incendiary its actions are, which is why, before making the announcement on Monday, it ordered tens of thousands more troops into Kashmir, put major political figures under house arrest, ordered tourists to leave, closed schools and cut off internet services.

It said the United States, China, the United Nations and other powers with influence over India and Pakistan must urgently do what they can.

On Monday, Indian President had signed a bill to abrogate Article 370, about the special status of Kashmir, from the Indian constitution.

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According to the Constitution of India, Article 370 provides provisions regarding special autonomy to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

As per Article 35A, a person cannot acquire any immovable proper in Kashmir if he or she is not a permanent resident of the region.

Article 370 guarantees special status to Kashmir region, restricting the Indian state’s legislative powers.



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