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Nexar: This app plans to revolutionize driving and road safety

The artificial intelligence (AI) dash-cam application for android and iPhone users, Nexar, is all you need to ride your car safely.

While you are driving, this app will record all dangerous events, whether someone overtakes you, runs the red light, or crashes into your car in an unfortunate event.

“Using machine learning and computer vision, the Nexar app interprets the direction, speed, and acceleration of every car it sees and paints a real-time picture of the road conditions, based on the data from every sensor in the phone, such as gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS magnetometer, and camera,” a Nexar company statement said.


It said: “When you drive with Nexar, you join a community of tens of thousands of drivers who together are crowdsourcing road safety with this car camera app.”

“The more drivers join this network, the smarter it will become.”

The application shares life-saving information with other users around. You get warning notification in case a car pulls hard-brake in front of you.

Just put your phone before your eyes with Nexar app on and enjoy your safe ride.

This dash-cam app features include:

  • Always-on: records all your rides and lets you save the ride history to your private Nexar cloud (everything goes to our servers). Automatically detects hard brakes and crashes.
  • Nexar’s dash cam can go in the background so you can keep using your favorite navigation app uninterrupted.
  • Intelligent & automatic storage management – your phone will never run out of space.
  • Easily share dashcam footage on youtube, facebook, twitter and any other social media.
  • Send your dashboard camera recordings to your insurance agent in case of a claim.
  • You’re in control: the dash cam videos are yours and you decide what to do with them.
  • Ridesharing? Use Nexar with the phone’s in-car camera to record and deter scary passengers.
  • In selected hardware, use dual-mode cameras to record both inside your car and outside simultaneously.
  • In the unfortunate case of being involved in a collision, get a free Nexar Collision Report that’s based entirely on your phone’s sensors and car camera footage.






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