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No immediate plans for direct flights between US, Pak: embassy

ISLAMABAD: The United States Embassy in Pakistan said there are no immediate plans for direct flights between Pakistan and the United States.

As per the US embassy’s statement, the officials in their visit viewed Pakistan’s aviation security infrastructure and met with their Pakistani civil aviation counterparts. During the visit to the Islamabad airport, representatives from the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) and the Ministry of Aviation highlighted the airport’s security features.

The embassy clarified that this visit was not a formal inspection, audit, or assessment of any specific airport.

Earlier, sources had reported that direct flights between Pakistan and the United States are likely to restore soon as a 12-member Transportation Security Administration team reached Islamabad on July 15.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the U.S. Government agency that supervises airport and air carrier security, will visit Jinnah International Airport, Karachi on July 18 to look over the boarding process, screening and security matters.

The TSA team will also visit head offices of Airport Security Force (ASF) and Pakistan International Airline (PIA).




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