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No rules apply to a minister as Khuhro freely smokes inside Sindh Assembly

Khuhro is not only the senior minister for Education & Literacy, but also holds additional charge of Parliamentary Affairs, yet he forgot that the same assembly, of which he is a member, had passed the bill disallowing smoking at public places.

As the session of the Sindh Assembly concluded today, the minister rose up from his seat and lit a cigarette. Three MPAs stood alongside him as the minister puffed on his cigarette, with two female members also standing close.

Doing so, Khuhro not only mocked the law made by the assembly, but he also violated the sanctity of the House.

The act was criticized by his senior party fellow and former federal minister Qamar Zaman Kaira.

The minister perhaps forgot that it was the assembly hall, not a bus stop or tea shop.



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