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Now you can see bigger photos, videos in WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp is launching a new update in which photos and videos on the instant messaging app will be displayed bigger.

The company lately tweeted that photos and videos on WhatsApp are now bigger, so no one will be left out of the picture, giving the users “the perfect reason to smile”.

The update will make it easier for the users to display the image in a message thread, and it can also help in facilitating the new options for business users as many people do business online on this app so it will be easy for them to display their product in chats.

Many users have termed the update small but somehow useful tweak from WhatsApp.

This new update and changes of image size are slightly familiar with the current test at Twitter, which furthermore shows the bigger photographs in-line exclusively on consumer timelines.

This update can ensure that users are seeing the exact way you want to show them in the images or videos as contrasting to the cropped version, which could get more users to stop mid-scroll and check out your note.



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