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Online food delivery cancellation now punishable with six year jail term in Phillipines

Shoppers could face at least six years in jail after a bill to prevent ‘unscrupulous’ delivery cancellations was filed last week.

Customers who cancel their delivery orders after a driver has already paid for the groceries could be at risk of heavy fines and jail terms in the Philippines if the bill is passed.

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After demand for delivery services increased due to the coronavirus lockdown, some customers have been ‘pranking’ drivers by cancelling orders before paying – forcing the driver to foot the bill.

The Food and Grocery Delivery Services Protection Act was filed to the House of Representatives of the Philippines on June 4.

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Under the act anyone found guilty of the offence will have to reimburse drivers for the cancelled order and pay a fine of PHP 100,000 (£1,579).

‘This covers instances wherein customers order food and/or grocery items for the purpose of pranking or those who have no genuine intention of availing of the service which causes damage and undue duress to the Delivery Riders and their corresponding services,’ the bill reads.




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