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WATCH: This optical illusion will make you go ‘up and down’

A 3D model of mind-boggling ‘Schroder Staircase’ can really bend your mind in so many ways.

The three-dimensional illusion was created by an artist named Kokichi Sugihara hailing from Japan. It was awarded the ‘Best Illusion of the Year’ in 2020.

Here is the video demonstrating the illusion.

A red cone is put on the top of the stairs. Once it is turned, it appears to be that the cone is at the very bottom. The same thing happens again and the cone is back at the top.

On rotating the stair case, the legs on which it stands may not look the same length on the inclination. However, they actually are and that is where the illusion lies.

Quoted by the Insider, Sugihara said, “This object is an example of my experimental material to investigate the behavior of the brains, which are apt to misperceive 2D pictures as 3D objects when they are embedded in real 3D structures.”

It is for this creativity that it was declared 2020’s ‘Best Illusion of the Year.’



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