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Our Frontline Heroes – Our Bankers!

Throughout the globe, frontline health workers responded to COVID-19 at their earliest. Their rapid response played a significant part in controlling the spread.

All the health workers across the globe are putting their lives to serve humanity and ensure the care that people deserve, and need.

It is pertinent to mention that not only health workers are risking their lives. Frontline workers, helping significantly in the sustainability of a country’s economy during these hardships should be appreciated and acknowledged.

Bankers, in our country and across the globe, are serving consumers globally on the frontline. While risking their lives and avoiding all the possibilities, bankers have played a vital role to accommodate people every other day. These heroes are responsible for assurance of peace in terms of financial matters regardless of a pandemic being an obstacle. We feel delighted in acknowledging the efforts of our own bankers, especially the staff who is on the frontline.

However, it is to unleash pain when we see how there are times when these sincere services of our bankers are negated and demoralized during the ongoing pandemic. It is our core responsibility to at least acknowledge the services of these individuals and give the due credits- for all their efforts. They leave their homes, expose themselves to different infectious and contagious diseases and serve the nation with an intention of nothing in return.

While we are discussing all the vital necessities to protect ourselves and the people around us, we need to ensure that we stand on common grounds against the false and bogus news propaganda against people, who are actually sincere to their profession and their nation. We should never be that fire who’ll ignite stress and anxiety hence damaging the mental peace but rather we should be encouraging them for all services they are offering in these current times.

Let’s adhere to the SOPs shared by the government and transform this challenging time into a quiet peaceful one for us and our loved ones.



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