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‘Pak-China joint military drills to improve ability to deal with multiple security threats’

ISLAMABAD: China has said joint exercises of China and Pakistan armed forces, training and competitions will help improve ability to deal with multiple security threats and jointly maintain regional peace and stability.  

The Chinese defence ministry’s spokesperson stated this while responding to a question during a briefing in Beijing.

He said these exercises would also help the militaries of participating countries to enhance understanding and deepen mutual trust.

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China wants to stage joint military exercises with Southeast Asian nations in disputed waters, according to a draft document.

In the draft text, Beijing suggests that China and the 10 Asean states should carry out joint military exercises regularly.

However, the drills should not involve countries outside the region “unless the parties concerned are notified beforehand and express no objection”.

Beijing also suggested that China and Asean could carry out joint oil and gas exploration in the waters but again proposed that firms from countries outside the region be excluded from such activities, the document showed.

“We believe that without any disturbances from the outside, code of conduct consultations will accelerate,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters.

“We have made leapfrog progress in advancing Asean-China relations from quantity to quality,” he added, saying the first joint maritime exercises would be held in October.



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