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Pakistan Army leads world forces with zero-percent suicide rate

KARACHI: Battling the scourge of terrorism for over a decade, the Pakistan Army has remarkably maintained zero-percent suicide rate within its ranks and files, ARY News reported.

Suicide rate among the forces engaged in armed confrontation is increasing all over the world. According to a leading Indian daily, 597 Indian troops committed suicide from 2009 to 2013, which takes the annual tally to 120 soldiers a year in India.

A British newspaper reports that 247 U.S. troops self-murdered themselves in the year 2012 alone, while this year only 222 American troops were killed in the battlefield.

The United States and India have been taking serious measures to prevent suicide cases in their forces.

Another British daily reported that in 2012, 50 serving or ex-army men self-destructed themselves.

An Israeli newspaper reported that 10 Jew soldiers committed suicide in 2014, out of which 4 troops remained a part of the fifty-days-long Israeli aggression on Palestine, which started in the month of July last year.

The Israeli army comprises of a total of 187,000 regular troops.



Apart from this, Pakistan Army, engaged in the worst fight against terrorism, has remarkably maintained zero-percent suicide rate.

When asked, Colonel Shafique of the ISPR – military’s public relations wing – confirmed that not even a single Jawan of the Pakistan Army has ever committed suicide.



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