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Here’s how Pakistan’s first ‘luxury’ graveyard looks like

LAHORE: A first-of-its-kind ‘luxury’ graveyard has become operational in Lahore a while ago and it offers all facilities to grieving families with just a one phone call.

The Lahore Shehr-e-Khamoshan Model Graveyard located at Kacha Road, Kahna contains all burial and funeral related services required by mournful families. These include hearse service, Janazgah services, ghusal services and mortuary services all available at one phone call.


The new graveyard with freezers imported from Germany and a network of 22 video cameras that will allow relatives of the deceased to live-stream footage of funerals at the $1.5m facility.


Attend a ceremony in person and there is little risk of heatstroke: dozens of fans hang from the ceiling of an arched prayer zone that is almost entirely open to the air.

The Graveyard’s also has a human resource that includes a manager and supervisor to address the concerns of citizens as well as fulfilling their requirements.


The project’s director has urged other provinces to replicate his good work. But even with its swanky golf-carts for the elderly and mechanical diggers it may be less effective than it claims.

When the government of Punjab bought the land, it planned to build a cemetery about 20 times the size. The facility that opened last month has space for only 8,000 graves.

Model graveyard

But experts believe that the new facility could spark a trend for VIP burial that makes death as unequal as life,

Citizens can avail complete burial and funeral facilities by calling 0303-8438951.

Video courtesy: VOA Urdu



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