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Pakistan desirous to learn from Malaysia’s model for economic success: PM Khan

ISLAMABAD:  Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Pakistan was eager to learn from the model that Malaysia employed for its economic success, ARY News reported.

The visit of Dr Mahathir Mohamad was a proud moment for Pakistan, said PM Khan while addressing a conference in Islamabad.

Prime Minister Khan said Mahathir brought about a ‘big change’ in Malaysia. “The successes achieved by Malaysia are a good example for the entire Islamic world”, he said.

“Dr Mahathir commands so much respect in Pakistan; it is a great honour for us that he is attending the Pakistan Day ceremony, the prime minister added.

The prime minister said Malaysia and Pakistan had set up a ministerial-level committee with an aim to enhance trade between the two countries.

He said the two countries would also sign several memorandums of understanding to enhance partnership and coordination in different sectors.

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“The purpose of Dr Mahathir’s visit to Pakistan is not only improving the bilateral relations but also furthering the trade ties,” said PM Khan.

In his speech, Dr Mahathir Mohammad underlined Malaysia’s progress from poverty at its independence to its present industrial development. He said Malaysia made its industrial development possible only by promoting foreign investment and imparting knowledge and know-how to its people.

The Malaysian prime minister said his country could import [several items] from Pakistan and also export its products to the country.

He said his country plans to set up a Proton car manufacturing unit in Pakistan, which will start production in June next year. He also presented a gift of Proton car to Prime Minister Imran Khan on this occasion.

He said Malaysia was a trading nation and it did not have enmity with any other country.

The Malaysian PM said his country provided all facilities to foreign investors on priority. “One of the major reasons for Malaysia’s economic success is the foreign direct investment (FDI).”

Mahathir Mohamad said stable law and order situation was always vital for economic success for any country. “If people have employment they will be able to pay taxes.”

Later, Pakistani and Malaysian firms signed six Memorandums of Understanding for the joint ventures in IT, telecommunication and car manufacturing.



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