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Pakistan rubbishes India’s response to dossier on state-sponsored terrorism

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Monday categorically rejecting India’s response to the irrefutable evidence provided by Islamabad about its state-sponsored terrorism.

“Fully exposed, India has typically resorted to sophistry, obfuscation and re-fabrication,” the foreign office said in a statement.

The FO spokesperson said the dossier presented by Pakistan extensively documented India’s active planning, promoting, aiding, abetting, financing and execution of terrorist activities against Pakistan.

The statement noted that the most familiar and undeniable face of India’s state-sponsorship of terrorism against Pakistan was Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav — caught red-handed in March 2016.

His complicity in subversion, sabotage and terrorism in Pakistan is part of the incontrovertible evidence against India, the statement added.

The foreign office said: “The world is also familiar with “saffron terror” orchestrated and unleashed by the RSS-BJP zealots against Muslims in India and against Pakistan.”

“The presence of ISIL and AQIS in India as highlighted in recent UN reports indicate that India is emerging as a hotbed of UN designated international terrorist organizations and posing a great risk to the region,” it added.

The statement further said, “Recent revelations by FINCEN files illustrate how India uses its financial system for money laundering and other illegal activities such as terrorism financing — brazenly and with impunity.”

It pointed out that it was the collective responsibility of the world community to hold India to account and take practical steps to proceed against the Indian nationals involved in the patronage of terrorist entities.

“We also expect the UN counter-terrorism bodies to proceed on the basis of concrete evidence provided by Pakistan and urge India to renounce use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy,” it added.

The FO spokesperson said the UN must also play its part in dismantling of the Indian terrorist infrastructure, details of which have been provided in the dossier.



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