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Pakistan rejects ‘unfounded’ allegations levelled in Trump’s foreign policy

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has rejected what it described the unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations levelled by the Trump administration in its first foreign policy, saying it trivialized the country’s efforts and sacrifices in the fight against terrorism.

In a statement, reacting to US National Security Strategy 2017, the foreign office in Islamabad said that Pakistan had long been at the forefront in the fight against regional and global terrorism, according to a Radio Pakistan report.

It was because of Pakistan’s cooperation with the international community, acknowledged and appreciated by the US leadership, that the Al- Qaeda core was decimated from the region.

It is said that in a troubled neighbourhood, Pakistan continued to suffer at the hands of state sponsored terrorism, funded and abetted by our neighbours through proxies.

The statement said South Asia’s strategic stability is being undermined by India’s unchecked brutalities against the people of Occupied Kashmir and incessant ceasefire violations targeting innocent civilians.

It is said the Afghan soil, despite substantial US presence, is being constantly used by the elements hostile to Pakistan’s stability.

The foreign office said Pakistan has consistently emphasized that a political settlement, owned and led by Afghans is the only viable option to end the conflict in Afghanistan.



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