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Pakistan Ulema Council prepares code of conduct for Muharram

The code of conduct has been prepared with the consent of all religious schools of thought to make sure that no untoward incident takes place during Muharram.

It was prepared during a meeting of figures from all schools of thoughts chaired by Chairman of Pakistan Ulema Counil Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Ashrafi.

The clerics agreed that there is no space for terrorism, extremism and sectarian violence in Islam. Any sect should not be declared “infidel” and any Muslim or non-Muslim should not be declared “worthy of killing” and believers of all sects will live their lives as per rights granted by the Constitution of Pakistan.

The clerics stressed on the ban on loudspeaker except for Azan and Friday Sermon while the people will use it for their religious congregations with the permission of local administration. The Ulema also called for ban on publications such as inflammatory literature, books spreading hateful content and websites with seditious material.

They stated that it is the duty of the government to make sure that the sacred places are protected and the elements posing threat should be dealt with strongly.



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