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Pakistan calls for universal action to fight against COVID-19

President of the Economic and Social Council and the Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the UN Munir Akram has called for a universal action to fight against coronavirus pandemic.

In his closing statement at ‘A Vaccine for all’ Special Ministerial Meeting by the Economic and Social Council, he stressed to work with the international organizations that are in the lead for collective action.

The Ambassador advocated temporary suspension of the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights restrictions to expand the production of corona vaccines.

Terming lives are more important than incentives, Munir Akram also called for investment in the production facilities.

He said we need to release the stock of excess vaccines that are held by some countries and to end the export and other restrictions, which are displays of vaccine nationalism.

He stressed equipping developing countries to build the logistics, storage, and distribution capacities that they will need to distribute the vaccine equitably within the country.



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