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Pakistan urges UN to probe extra-judicial killings in Kashmir

Dr. Maliha Lodhi, the Permanent Representative in the United Nations, met with UN Under-Secretary General Edmond Mulet, where they discussed the situation in Kashmir.

Lodhi demanded that the UN should prove the extra-judicial killings and aggression by the military in Indian-Occupied Kashmir. She said that the volatile situation in Kashmir was threat to peace and stability in the region.

She informed them that at least forty people have been killed and  more than a 10 have been injured during the clashes and protest in Indian-Occupied Kashmir including that of young militant leader, and the arrests of several prominent leaders of Kashmir.

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Lodhi urged the international community to take notice of the gross violations of human rights and the extra-judicial killing in Kashmir

Mulet said that the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon had taken notice of the situation in Kashmir, and the continuous curfews had severely affected the way of life there.

When Indian forces announced last week that they had killed a young Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani, they clearly did not expect the backlash that followed – an outpouring of public anger, daily protests and dozens dead in the streets.

The killing of Wani drew tens of thousands to rise up and renew demands for freedom, from the unjust Indian rule.

Tens of thousands of angry youths poured out of their homes in towns and villages, hurling rocks and bricks and shouting at Indian troops in the streets.

Each day this week has brought a new surge of resistance by young, rock-throwing protesters in jeans and bandanas defying curfews to face down Indian troops firing live ammunition, pellet guns and tear gas.




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