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Real war is against unemployment, poverty: President Alvi

ISLAMABAD: Renewing the country’s commitment to regional peace and stability, President Dr Arif Alvi asserted on Saturday Pakistan desires peace and stability and not war.

“We don’t believe in fighting but our desire for peace should not be misconstrued as our weakness,” he said while addressing the military parade at Parade Ground near Shakarparian in Islamabad.

The president said Pakistan overcame the challenge of terrorism with unprecedented scarifies. “Pakistan is an emerging economic power,” he asserted.

“We respect the sovereignty of all countries and desire peace. The region needs peace and not war,” he said, adding, “We should focus on education, health and employment as our real war is against unemployment and poverty.”

In a reference to the recent tensions between Pakistan and India, President Alvi said India’s belligerence created an air of war. It was our responsibility to respond to Indian aggression befittingly, he added. “We gave a befitting and timely response to India.”

“India will have to accept the reality. Pakistan is a strong and peaceful nuclear power,” he said.

As a democratic country, the president said Pakistan believed in dialogue. “We are not oblivious to the defence of our country.” He said Pakistan’s sovereignty had been challenged in the past as wars were imposed on the country.

He said the country is safe and moving on the path to progress and development after effectively combating the menace of terrorism.



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