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Afridi says wrong to assume govt has no authority after 18th Amendment

KARACHI: Minister for State on Interior Shehryar Afridi on Monday said that protecting the life and property of citizens is the responsibility of the state and there will be no compromise on national security.

“Protecting the lives and properties of citizens is the responsibility of the state. There were be no compromise of national sovereignty,” he said, while addressing at the Karachi Chamber of Commerce.

The state minister decried that previous governments meddled with institutions, and vowed that the incumbent government will make the country a welfare state. “We will make Pakistan a welfare state, will not listen to Do More.”

He assured the business community that their problems will be resolved and they will be taken into confidence and consulted on decision making and reforms. “There is no point of making decisions without consulting the business community.”

He said there are eighteen departments under the interior ministry, and the government will attempt to resolve all problems including law and order, and particularly respect those who voted for them.

“The federal government will respect the voter who elected them. It cannot be said that we have no authority after the 18th Amendment,” said the state minister.

Afridi said that tourism, national security and elections plan are the priorities of the government as they need to progress and compete with the outside world. He said the government is working to bring a system which will strengthen institutions.

He said the government is striving to improve the education, environment and health sector. He assured the business fraternity that the government will consult them before any decisions concerning the interior ministry.

He added that financial crisis and debts affect the economic independence of the people, and the nation cannot progress when it indebted and bankrupt. “A person works harder when he passes through a tough situation. The nation has reached a state that we need to work harder,” he said.

Later, the state minister also visited the tomb of the founder of the nation Quaid-e-Azam and laid a floral wreath.



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