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Pakistani passport ranked 196 out of 199 in latest survey

NEW YORK: A US-based consultancy firm has ranked Pakistani passport fourth from the last in a ranking of 199 countries, making it one of the worst for travel.

According to a report by Nomad Capitalist, Countries’ passports were ranked on how advantageous they were in terms of visa-free travel, global reputation, international taxes and civil liberties.

Out of 199 countries, Sweden came out on top, while the UK was ranked 16th and the US didn’t even make it into the top 30.

Top five




Last five


On bottom of the ranking at 199 was Afghanistan, preceded by Iraq, Eritrea, Pakistan, Libya, Syria. While India was ranked at 160 in the list.

The study found that Swedes can visit 176 countries without a visa, and have the ability to work abroad without having to pay tax at home.

The annual Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index, had ranked Pakistan 106th in a list 109 countries in 2015. Their list was produced in collaboration with the International Air Transport Association, ranked countries according to the number of other countries that their citizens can travel to, without having to obtain a visa.

A survey from 2015
A survey from 2015

In 2014, Pakistan was ranked at 92, sharing the spot with Somalia. The last spot in the list at 109th rank is occupied by Afghanistan.



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