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Pakistani woman’s short speech on skin-colour shaming goes viral

At a time when a large number of beauty products in the market only sell because they assure you that it will change your skin colour, a woman’s speech just awakened the common Pakistani women, that too, in a morning show.

During one of the episodes of Pakistan’s most popular show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’, the woman’s speech impressed the host Nida Yasir so much that she gave her the microphone and allowed her to speak her mind.

As she was called in the middle to apply a herbal solution to change her skin colour, the woman gave a speech which can be called household Pakistani women’s first introduction to what is called ‘Skin Colour Shaming’ or ‘Body Shaming’ and how they should resist it.

A housewife as she was, she put the thing plainly and effectively and Nida Yasir too appreciated her views and how she educated all watching her show.

“Mera colour combination buhat acha ha. Bagh me hr rang kay phool achay lagtay hen, agar hum kalay hen to kya hua,, Kaala Gulab sb se mehnga hota ha”

(My skin colour is good and I don’t wish to get fair, flowers of different colour make a good garden so one should not be shamed because of his/her skin colour.. if someone’s complexion is dark, he/she must remember that black rose is the most expensive,” said the woman.

She maintained that being dark-skinned does not bother her as she is Asian (and Asian people usually are dark-skinned), people with whiter skin sometimes use tan creams to get an Asian tan.

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