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Pakistan’s economy progressing despite recent surge in terrorism: US magazine

ISLAMABAD: An American magazine has stated that Pakistan’s economy is on progressing trajectory despite the surge in terrorist attacks in the country, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

An opinion peace published in Washington Post mentioned that stock market in Pakistan is performing well whereas International Monetary Fund (IMF) has constantly lauded the economic performance of the country.

The article said that World Bank has predicted Pakistan’s economy will grow by 5.2 percent in the ongoing fiscal year.

According to an estimate, half of the country’s population has moved upward into the middle class. The volume of the middle class consumers’ market will increase to $ one trillion by 2030.

The writer has referred one of the latest post-BRICS acronyms of rising economies making the rounds being termed VARP, for Vietnam, Argentina, Romania and Pakistan due to the country’s vibrant and growing middle class.

It also stated that China Pakiostan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will resolve the country’s energy crisis, which has badly affected the growth rate of the country.



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