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Why a judge asked PM’s counsel to stay careful about Panamagate JIT report’s volume 4

ISLAMABAD: During the Panamagate case’s  hearing on Wednesday, the Supreme Court bench asked Sharif family’s counsel to remain careful while commenting on Volume 4 of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report, ARY News reported.

As Sharif family’s counsel Khawaja Haris said that JIT report was based on myths and he will now talk about Volume-4 of the report,  a judge said the volume-4 has details about trust deed and he should stay careful about it.

Here is what is in the Volume 4 of the JIT report

The volume titled ‘Ownership of Avenfield Apartments deals with three questions.

Mr Hussain Nawaz is respondent No.7 and Hassan Nawaz is Respondent No.8. Here is what the JIT found out after authentication of documents.

1. Maryam Safdar as real and beneficial owner of offshore firms


2. Members of Qatar’s Al-Thani family had no real interest or nexus with Mayfair apartments


1. Hassan and Hussain Nawaz had no means to purchase Avenfield properties

2. The Flats Were Not the Property of Qatari Prince

3. Hussain Nawaz could not prove his ownership of offshore companies. British Virgin Islands’ Director FIA verified letters confirming that Maryam Nawaz was the real and beneficial owner of the Avenfield properties through ownership of offshore companies, Nielsen and Nescoll.


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