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Parents celebrate growth of prematurely born boy the size of Superman toy

A premature boy has recovered and grew healthy from being so small when he was born that he was the size of a tiny 12-inch toy Superman that his father had bought for him after his birth.

The parents, Rob and mother Val, were celebrating their son, Logan Ray’s birthday every year after he was prematurely born at 23 weeks gestations, one week before the abortion cut off limit while his weight was only 0.68 kilograms.

superman toy

Logan Ray is now four years old happy and healthy child and his parents kept taking his pictures with the toy to keep remember of just how tiny the boy was.

The mother, Val from Bend – Oregon told about the child that he is a little superhero and she always called him as her little tough guy.

baby boy

According to The Sun’s report, Val said that the doctors basically told Rob and her that they were going to send us home to miscarry, however, they refused to go anywhere whether they have him a day after or having him four months from the labour. The couple decided to stay in the hospital where Val was put on bedrest and doctors disallowed her to get up for 20 days.

premature birth

After 32 hours of labour, Logan was born in July 2016 and immediately shifted to NICU. He had two brain bleeds and two holes in his heart as an inguinal hernia and urinary tract infection. At five weeks old, Logan was taken to the hospital in case he needed dialysis. Fortunately, he didn’t.

logan ray

They shared the picture of the healthy Logan along with his Superman toy by his side to celebrate the journey.



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