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Parliament considered centre of democracy in parliamentary system: Qasim Soori

ISLAMABAD: Enlightening the importance of the legislative body, National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Soori has said that parliament is considered as centre of democracy in the parliamentary system.

While addressing the inaugural ceremony of 5th National Parliamentary Development Course (NPDC) at PIPS on Monday, Qasim Khan Soori said that parliament is an important constitutional institution for legislation and public representation.

The deputy speaker said that parliament is orbit of expectations of the people of the country and people have lot of expectations from the present Parliament.

He said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has taken reign of the government in such difficult circumstances when at one hand the country was facing lot of challenges and at the other hand under burden of 30 thousand billion rupees loan. He said that during the last 10 years loans of 24 billion rupees thousands was taken which was spent on debaucheries of the ruling class and corruption instead of welfare of the people and development of the country.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was taking keen interest to pull the country out of crises and strengthening the economy. Soori expressed the confidence that under the leadership of Imran Khan incumbent Government will succeed to overcome the challenges.

Soori said that elimination of corruption, accountability and welfare of the people of the country was the topmost priority of the incumbent Government. He said we have to work together for progress and prosperity of the country. He urged upon the participants of the course to perform their duties as national obligations.

The deputy speaker said that the role of parliamentary staff was very important in transaction of parliamentary business. He said that basic responsibility of the Parliamentary staff is to assist the people representatives in legislation, research and other important issues.

Soori said that parliamentary staff will assist the parliamentarian in a better way if they were skillful and have expertise in their profession. He appreciated the initiative of PIPS for holding NPDC and expressed the hope that it will prove beneficial for the participants of the course in performing their duties.

He said that only those countries were strong and powerful whose people were well educated and skillful.

On this occasion the Executive Director PIPS Zafarullah Khan addressing the ceremony and informed the participants about objectives and aims of the course and steps taken by the PIPS for capacity building of Parliamentary staff and Parliamentarians.



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