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Patient reveals her entire family contracted COVID-19 after dinner party

A female patient revealed before her physician that her entire family tested positive for COVID-19 after she had a large Thanksgiving dinner party attended by 22 people.

An emergency medicine physician and faculty member at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University in Providence, Dr Rebecca Karb, made the revelation in her Twitter message.

She said tweeted that one of the COVID-19 patients revealed that all 22 people have developed symptoms the day after one family member tested positive after attending a Thanksgiving dinner, quoted Fox8.

Karb later deleted the tweet, but not before it went viral online.

The physician from Rhode Island state deleted the tweet after it went viral online. Dr Karb said in her Twitter messages, “My biggest fear feels to be real— that we are all so entrenched in our beliefs and committed to our corners that I’m not sure there’s anything that could change anyone’s mind.”

“I truly don’t know how to get to the other side of this. The callousness and lack of empathy for those suffering— especially the victims of COVID and their families— is a collective, shared trauma for our nation. There is no vaccine that will heal this trauma; it will take work, and time.”

Karb added that she was going to take a break from Twitter, and praised her fellow health care workers, “Every healthcare worker I know is working as hard as they can. There’s no blame, no shaming. We just want people to be healthy and safe. And yes, we are people too.“



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