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PEMRA awards three DTH licenses in Islamabad auction

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) auctioned the country’s first three Direct-To-Home (DTH) licenses for Rs. 14.7 billion on Wednesday, ARY News reported.

Pemra had shortlisted 12 companies for participation in the first auction for DTH service licences, which were awarded to three companies.

In the first round of the auction, the bids from the companies were received in sealed letters whereas open bidding took place in the second round.

The highest bid for the DTH license was offered by Mag Entertainment with Rs 4.91 billion, followed by Shahzad Sky (Private) Limited Islamabad with Rs. 4.90 billion whereas Star Times Communications Pakistan Private Limited Islamabad placed third highest bid of Rs. 4.89 billion.

Chairman of the regulatory authority Absar Alam congratulated the winners over winning the DTH licenses.

He added that the DTH auction is a milestone in the country’s media industry.

Unlike the traditional cable connections, DTH service is a digital setup that broadcasts channels directly to homes from satellite using small dish antennas.

Lahore High Court (LHC) had issued a stay order on Tuesday to halt the bidding of DTH licences. However, Supreme Court of Pakistan allowed Pemra to hold auction of the DTH licences.



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