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Peshawar police is removing signs and paintings promoting violence and immorality from rickshaws

Peshawar: Peshawar Traffic Police starts a campaign against paintings on rickshaws which glamorize drugs, guns, and immorality.

“This gives a wrong impression to our new generation, students or, especially in KPK, the women who are travelling in rickshaws or cars they can also catch a glimpse of it, so there is alcohol in someone’s hands or a Kalashnikov.”

Few days back, a young child took his own life playing with a gun at his home inspired by such images. The child’s father appealed to the government to put a ban on all such paintings.

“In recent times, an incident like this also happened where a child saw a picture like this and did the same at home. SSP Traffic took strict notice of it and asked the traffic wardens to remove it. The first day only I removed such images from 18 rickshaws, only me. Rest we have a force of 1300 officers.”

If warnings are not paid heed to, citizens would be fined, the police officer said.

“Right now, we are only removing and warning people that if caught again you will have to pay a fine of 300 rupees”

The rickshaw drivers are, however, in favor of the campaign themselves hoping to get rid of this nuisance in the near future.

“The rickshaw drivers themselves get off the rickshaw and say to us I will remove it myself, I am against this too but they don’t own the rickshaw so can’t help it. They are cooperating with us a lot.”

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