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Pet dog drags dead cat away from traffic; tries to wake it up

A heartbreaking video showed a pet dog dragged a dead cat away from traffic after trying to wake it up who was hit by a vehicle in China.

In the 48-second video, the dog, called Black Panther, dragged the moggie’s body to the side of the road and repeatedly attempted to revive it. The motionless moggie had allegedly been hit by a passing vehicle and left in the middle of a road, Dailymail UK reported.

The moving scenes took place on the night of October 28 in the city of Guangyuan in Sichuan Province.

pet dog dead cat traffic viral video

The cat had been run over by a vehicle when the dog saw it, according to the video uploader that was trending on on Douyin, the Chinese version of Tik Tok.

The dog was seen sniffing the deceased cat and the surrounding ground when cars drove past them slowly.

pet dog dead cat traffic viral video

At one point, the dog used its paw to nudge the cat’s body a few times, seemingly trying to wake it up. It also pulled the cat’s corpse to the side of the road with its mouth and forelegs.

The dog’s owner was only informed of Black Panther’s actions after watching footage of his pet on social media. He said he wasn’t at the scene.

pet dog dead cat traffic viral video

‘A Good Samaritan dog, my beloved Black Panther,’ the man wrote on Douyin.

The owner explained that Black Panther was strolling in the neighbourhood on its own at the time. He noted that the pet knew how to avoid cars. He claimed that he took Black Panther back to the site the same night to look for the dead cat, but street cleaners had buried it.

He added that since the incident, Black Panther would not stop looking for its feline friend whenever they went out.



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