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PFA launches crackdown against milk adulteration, discards 15,833 litres of adulterated milk

LAHORE: A province-wide crackdown against adulterated milk was launched by the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Friday.

Food dairy teams of the provincial food regulatory body held dozens of screening pickets for inspecting the quality of milk in each district of Punjab.

On special instructions by PFA Director General (DG) Captain (R) Muhammad Usman, dairy safety teams set up checkpoints on various entrance and exit points of the city.

Throughout the province, PFA discarded a total of 15,833litres of adulterated milk, whereas samples for screening tests were taken from more than 0.3million litres of milk present in at least 1929 vehicles.

The milk was discarded over proved contamination of harmful chemicals, powder, polluted water and urea which is added for the purpose of thickness and to increase the quantity of milk.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that the adulterated milk was being preserved by huge blocks of ice in the containers.

DG PFA has said that PFA is doing crackdown against milk adulteration mafia at every level for controlling the wicked practice of milk adulteration.

He has directed food safety teams to accelerate the crackdown against adulterators for bringing down the immoral practice of milk adulteration in Punjab.

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