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PHC calls CEO TransPeshawar over rickshaws, cabs’ ban on BRT route

PESHAWAR: The Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Tuesday heard petition of a rickshaw driver against ban on plying rickshaws and cabs along the BRT route, ARY News reported.

A bench of the high court (PHC) consisting of Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan and Justice Nasir Mahfooz summoned CEO of the TransPeshawar company and D.G. Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) in the hearing of the case on Wednesday (tomorrow).

Justice Qaiser Rashid in his remarks said that Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) buses come to halt due to some falt after few days. ” Every person not owns a vehicle,” the judge said.

Justice Rashid also questioned keeping the BRT buses under the open sky. TransPeshawar company’s representative, who was present during the hearing, said that these buses could resist the weather’s impact.

“Will you keep the buses parked in the open sky if they are resistant to the weather’s impact,” the Judge asked the company’s representative. “If these buses have been gifted to you or purchased with public tax money,” Justice Qaiser Rashid retorted.

The bench summoned CEO of the TransPeshawar and D.G. PDA in further hearing of the case on Wednesday (tomorrow).

Earlier, the lawyer for the petitioner said that the government issued a notification restricting route permits for rickshaws and cabs and banning their plying on the BRT route.

He said the BRT route was spread over around 30 kilometers and passed through all main areas of the provincial capital.

The lawyer said rickshaws or cabs were mostly used by patients, elderly people and students, so banning them on main roads would cause inconvenience to commuters.

He said the government’s move would render thousands of rickshaw drivers out of work.



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