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PIA declares ‘zero tolerance’ on crew sharing airline emails on social networks

KARACHI: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has laid out a ‘zero tolerance policy’ in a measure to renew its standard operating procedure for “better customer service”.

In a circular issued to staff members of the national airline, the management has given a number of guidelines including one stating that “obese and overweight crew will be restricted immediately.”

In the circular titled ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’, the PIA said it won’t tolerate indiscipline and rude attitude/behaviour on part of the crew.

PIA declares ‘zero tolerance’

It also said strict disciplinary action would be taken against crew involved in smuggling activities, money laundering, carrying contraband items and cigarettes.

Similarly, “smoking on duty, chewing gum, pan, gutka, betel nut and naswar” would be strictly prohibited.

In another surprising ‘embargo’, the PIA said strict action will be taken any of the members found involved in disseminating and sharing PIA emails on social networks.

The airline management said violation of any of the rules will be dealt more strictly and disciplinary action will be taken as per defined rules.



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