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PIA offloads British citizen for offering bribe to airport staff

KARACHI: A British citizen was offloaded from PK-701 on Monday after he attempted to bribe customs officials and Airport Narcotics Force (ANF). 

As per details, the passenger named Sohail was flying to Manchester from Islamabad International Airport via Pakistan International Airline.

Sohail intended to carry 18 packets of cigarette on the flight when customs and ANF staff hindered the passenger, he offered them a bribe while filming the scene, sources said.

The man was immediately offloaded by the PIA staff after the incident.

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Last month, two passengers were offloaded by the Federal Investigation Agency from an overseas flight at Islamabad airport over fake papers.

Two Pakistani citizens, Zanar Gul and Ziarat Shah had got Italian nationality while misinforming the authorities of the other country that they were Afghan citizens. The accused said they had shown fake Afghan citizenship papers to get Italian passport and resident card.




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