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PIA, private airlines jack-up fares for domestic flights

KARACHI: The Pakistan International Airlines and other private airlines have jacked up their fares for their domestic passengers, ARY News reported.

With the latest increase, the return ticket of Karachi to Islamabad bound flight is being sold at around Rupees 63,000.

The Pakistan International Airlines is charging rs 31,540 for Karachi to Islamabad bound passengers and Karachi to Lahore bound passengers are being charged rs 31,000 for a one-way flight.

It may be noted that rs 63,000 or more were being charged from the passengers traveling abroad, but with the recent hike, even domestic passengers are compelled to pay heavy fares.

On May 29, the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and other private airlines had also increased their fares after the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had increased the fuel prices following a sharp increase in the international market and the soaring dollar.

The increase in fares ahead of Eid caused difficulties for the people of the country who use airways to travel to their loved ones.

After the increase in fares, PIA’s ticket from Lahore to Karachi was being sold up to Rs 31,000 from the previous Rs14,000.

Earlier, the Civil Aviation Authority had ended aeronautical charges on domestic flights under new aviation policy, with an aim to boost tourism.

Prime Minister Imran Khan in his major step taken for the revival of the aviation industry, had ended aeronautical charges at all of the airports, whereas, a NOTAM was also issued by the aviation authority in this regards.



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